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Renovations and Residential Electrical Specialists

Are you looking for reliable electricians? At Steckley Electric Ltd., we provide electrical installations in Stratford and such areas as St. Mary's, Tavistock, and Milverton. It is important to hire a qualified and professional electrician because you cannot compromise on the safety of your property. We have over five decades of experience in the business and can meet your electrical needs. We have earned a reputation in providing electrical services, including:

Electrical maintenance

24-hour emergency electrical services

Installations for new homes

Electrical work for retirement homes

Electrical inspections

Circuit breaker panel wiring

Are You Investing in a New Home?

Why settle for a home that lacks up-to-date electrical wiring when you can hire us at Steckley Electric Ltd.? When we visit you, we’ll carry out a thorough inspection and provide a report. Whether you’re buying or selling your property, electrical inspections are important to protect both the buyer and seller.

When Should You Call Us?

When you learn that there may be a fault in your electrical system, it is important to hire a professional electrician. Trying to handle electrical issues by yourself can pose a threat to your safety. In addition to repairing faulty electrical systems, we can install new lighting, carry out upgrades, and conduct electrical maintenance.

Does Your Circuit Breaker Trip Frequently?

Unattended electrical problems can cause fire hazards. Contact us for a complete service.

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